Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strange sounds

Yesterday, all day, at very random intervals, I kept hearing this big booming sound. After I heard it a few times, I looked outside to see if there was any construction going on that would make that sound. Um, nothing. And then I thought, well, maybe it's that construction over on that other street, and they are just being really loud. Wrong again. As they day went on, and I kept hearing it, it finally occurred to me. Canon. We live on a military post. And I have never lived on one where they actually trained and shot live ammo. Well, now we do. When Matt came home, I asked him what he thought it was. His answer was artillery. Well, duh me. It was seriously loud. Sometimes it felt like something was slamming into our house. Things would shake a bit. I had flashbacks of my days in California and earthquakes waking me up in the middle of the night. And as I am typing this, I hear small arms fire. Nothing to shake the ground so far. Just popping noises.

In other news, I am currently waiting for the hot water to get to a point that will allow me to take a shower. I think I need to call maintenance today. But as I didn't shower yesterday, I think I should shower before they get here. I shouldn't have to turn the hot water all the way up just for it to get a little warm. Really hope this shower thing gets fixed because I really like my showers warm and not one tiny little bit cold. Not even in the summer.


Jen said...

Oh I love hot showers too. The artillery would seriously wig me out!

We had some sonic booms around here this past summer/fall though.

miranda said...

I enjoyed the pics of your new house. My hubby is always complaining about how hot I like the water.