Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fires and String Cheese

Have you ever noticed that string cheeses are not all made equal? I am quite picky in my string cheese. Right now we eat the kind that comes in a blue bag. Can't remember what kind it is. And even then, it is not always the same. I like mine a little dry, hard and salty. I cannot stand it when it is mushy and bland. And sometimes, the packaging for them is impossible to open. What is up with that? Those things were made to open easily. Shouldn't need the scissors to open up my string cheese. I really like the one that is cheddar and mozzarella twisted together. Yum. But my kids aren't too fond, so I don't buy it much. Eating string cheese with salt and vinegar chips is really really yummy.

So, tonight, the kids were running around. Lucy just had on her diaper, Andrew didn't have a shirt on. They were just running around having a good time. All of a sudden, the fire alarm goes off. And it is freaking loud. The kids are freaking out. We're trying to get them dressed because it's cold outside. We can't find Andrew's sweatshirt, running around looking for shoes. Matt can't find his scriptures, and his wallet is in them. It was loud. Just as we were almost ready, it stops. Crap. Then it starts again, and then stops really fast. By that time, the fire truck has arrived, the firemen are in the hallway, checking to make sure it really is a false alarm. The kids have no idea what is going on. The fire truck is right outside our window, so they have a fun time looking at that for a little bit. We come back in the room, I decide to undress for pj's and I put on my robe. I got Lucy in her jammies, and finally got Andrew into his. Next thing we know, we hear pounding on doors. The security lady is having to evacuate the entire building so the policemen and whoever can reset the alarm. So, now, we have firemen who have wasted their time. Policemen who could have been doing something better. Then three of the hotels employees who have Sunday off, all had to come in and figure this whole thing out. We spent over half an hour sitting in our car waiting for everything to get fixed. The kids needed to go to bed, Matt needed to get ready for work in the morning. We actually saw a guy leave with his suitcase packed and left. I don't blame him one bit. Wish I could have done the same thing. I just hope that whatever not very smart person pulled or did whatever to the fire alarm, gets a HUGE fine for causing all of these problems. And if it was a dumb kid fooling around, their parents better be doing some big time disciplining. And their parents should pay the fine for letting their kids run amuck in a hotel and causing all these people to have to get their kids up at 9pm on a Sunday night. Not to mention those that have to get to work early.

I also found out interesting information about someone that I knew a gazillion years ago and them setting fire to something. Totally shocked!! People surprise us all the time.

I had been asked to teach in Relief Society (our women's group at church) and my lesson went really well. I made the lesson into a game, and I brought chocolat. Of course it was good chocolat. And because I had so much time this week, I was pretty well prepared for the lesson. I didn't even get nervous. Either I've done it so much it doesn't bother me anymore, or I was just prepared and that takes away all of the butterflies. There are a few women in the ward that seem to be really mormon-y. You know, always being nicey nice and doing their darndest not to offend anyone.... But there are some potential for some good friends in the ward. I'm hopeful. Sometimes people are put off by my straightforwardness. I am much better at filtering my thoughts before they come out of my mouth, but it still happens. Don't know if I'll ever completely overcome that one, but I'm doing much better. And then when I don't say it in the moment, I'll say it to my best friend on the phone much later. Helps to get it out. Poor girl. But she usually just laughs at me.

We move into our house Wednesday morning. I will be spending the next two days getting things organized and packed up so that we can get out of here as soon as possible that day. Cannot wait to have our home back. And to get rid of stuff that we really don't need anymore. I have way too much crap. Maybe I'll have a yard sale and make some money off of it.....go buy me some more shoes...


Steve-o said...

Chocolat. Why?

Terina said...

because i like spelling it that way. remember, i like to be french.

It's just me... said...

You were really born on the wrong continent and in the wrong decade. Between the chocolat and your latest taste in shoes (which I applaud) you could be a 60's mode Frenchy.

And I'm not poor - well ok I am. But not because you call me and spill all the beans about people. That cracks me up. Cannot WAIT to hear about this teaching adventure!

Jen said...

Off topic-I love the movie Chocolat.

String cheese, I totally get that. We are also picky, and my kids can tell the difference. I will absolutely pay more for string cheese in an easy open pack too! You shouldn't have to be a surgeon to get your snack open!