Friday, January 11, 2008


Sometime in October or November, I went out with a friend to dinner and a movie. We went to La Madelaine, my favorite restaurant in all of San Antonio. It was yummy. I had their tomato basil soup and some pasta stuff. The best thing about them is they have an area that just has bread and you can have as much as you need. I usually go back at least once. But no butter. Who puts butter on bread? Not unless it's toast.

The movie we went to see was Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Since I had not seen the first one (I actually bought it for Matt to put in my stocking, and then realized it was an R movie. I don't watch R movies. I usually cannot get the yucky scenes out of my head and they torture me. I hate it.) I really like history. I am particularly fascinated with European history. I have been to several castles and other historic places, and I feel a special little bond with them. Anyway, this movie was awesome. I usually make comments to whomever I'm with when I see a movie. I don't think I spoke one word the whole time.

Text book history books leave out so much. I wasn't too much into history in high school. And of course, they didn't make it all that exciting. And the history I usually read is historical fiction. I have since read The Journey, the life of Marie Antoinette. That was a little rough at the beginning, but I really got into it. So, after I saw Elizabeth, I wanted to read a book about her. But I had so many books to read already, and we were moving.

Since we've been in this hotel, I read everything I had brought. So, I went onto Amazon and got me my favorite exercise DVD's, and a few books. One of which is The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir. She's written other history books about her father, Henry VIII, and I also want to get those, but I can only buy so much!! I am very excited to read this book. I feel so uneducated about so many things. Partly because I never finished going to college, and partly because I just have no idea about so many things. So, I educate myself with reading lots of books. It would be easier if I were able to take some classes. But I haven't been in a place for me to be able to do that. Online classes are an option, but I need a teacher and a classroom. I know that about myself. I would fail an online class.

So, there you have it. My lame ways of trying to fill my brain up with knowledge. Still working on it. Hopefully, our next duty station we'll be there for at least 3 or more years and I'll be able to take some classes.

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Steve-o said...

The first "Elizabeth" movie was quite good. I watched it in HD last month. I haven't seen the second, but I enjoy movies with historical flavor and will probably buy it blind.

If you want to do some online learning, several universities, including MIT, have made their courses available for free online. Not a bad option if you're not completely motivated to do the work, but still want to dabble a bit. And if you want something less formal, do what I do: surf Wikipedia.