Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another New Years Thought

I already listed a few things that I need to change in my life. Well, this year I also want to make more of an effort to buy and eat more natural. We have a small budget. We are lower enlisted military, and we don't make very much. But our commissary has many organic products and gluten free products that are cheaper than most natural food stores. I try to buy those more often than things from the huge companies. To me, they even taste better. I buy organic chicken because it tastes better to me, and it isn't that much more. I bought 7th Generation dish soap because it was only 10 cents more than what I would regularly buy, and it is better for the earth. Being in a hotel makes things a little tricky, as I do not have an oven or counter space to make our family good food. But I do my best. I am hoping that we have recycling bins on post too. I just love filling that thing up with broken down cereal boxes, empty plastic bottles, and other stuff that maybe others don't think about recycling. I would love to be able to live somewhere long enough to find out where farmers markets are so that I could buy my produce from local growers and support them instead of peppers from South America and tomatoes from who knows where. My husband has been doing this Eat for your Blood Type diet. It has really helped him. So, I might look into buying gluten free stuff on Amazon in bulk. I recently put gluten free into their search, and came up with 3 pages of gluten free stuff. They also sell grains like quinoa in bulk too. My husband bought amaranth online (but didn't end up eating all of the 25 pounds he bought!!!). So this year, as part of your New Years Resolutions or just your goals for making changes, we can think more about our earth and our bodies and where our money is going.

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I told Eric last night that I think this year is going to be very new and full of exciting change!