Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh well

I think I talked about making Christmas cards sometime in November and December. I was planning on bringing them with me on the road so that I could finish them and send them off sometime near Christmas. Well, my zealous packing/moving helpers that came that day packed them up. I was a little irritated by that. I mean, I had worked really hard at making them, and now I wouldn't be able to get to them until way after.

Of course I found them. And I decided, I worked hard on these darn things, and so I'm going to send them out anyway. I have a few more to put together, but other than writing our return address on them, they are mostly done. So, those of you that I have on my card list, you will be getting a Christmas card in February. In France, they send things out in January, like a happy new year sort of thing. And my feelings won't be hurt if my cards aren't displayed on someones mantle, door, or wall or whatever you put your cards on. Blue sparkly snowflakes don't usually scream out Valentines Day. But you'll have it. And that is what matters.


Betty C. said...

Hi Terina -- I have the right link on "And So Forth." But when you left that comment about French cities and I clicked on your name (on the approval email) your Blogger profile was only showing your family blog -- that seems strange. Maybe you've set up two profiles?

It's just me... said...

I wrote all of my Christmas cards and then Eric and I going agree on what family letter to write. By that time I'd watched the 'Story of Stuff' and realized I didn't really need to spend tons of money.

SO here is your Christmas card - Merry Christmas, Love us.

Ha ha ha