Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green Eyes in Africa

A few nights ago, when I should have been sleeping, I decided to look up some people from my past. Mostly missionaries that I served with. I found one, and he was a bull rider in Utah. Well, he was from Delta and on pdays he would wear those big belt buckle things and tighter jeans than any man in Southern California would have been caught in. I couldn't find a few. Then I found this one guy. Elder Hansen. He was the companion to the now bull rider. Elder Hansen has done some amazing things with his life since being a missionary.

What I found was a website, called Green Eyes in Africa. He wrote an article for a newspaper in Utah that tells his story about why he started this non-profit, and what he plans on doing for the rest of his life. This was so amazing to read. I feel proud to know someone that is willing to do these sort of things. I don't know if I will donate money or not, but I know I want to. Need to talk to Matt more about it. It is amazing to me how we all have our different callings in this world.

He has no idea I'm posting this on my blog. I just felt like sharing this information. I did try and contact him through his website, but I haven't heard back from him.

It is amazing to read about what good people are doing in this world. There aren't enough good stories out there.

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