Friday, January 11, 2008

I am in love with these shoes

I really am. I saw these shoes, and I am dying to have them. Since I am having to return those other cool stripey shoes, I have been on a shoes hunt. I posted about those cute brown ones with the rhinestones on them. I found these on the same website. I would wear them with my new dark washed jeans and a cool shirt. And they actually have them in my size!!! There are very few shoe companies that make shoes in my size. I don't understand why. I have met so many women with larger feet. I actually had to buy men's slippers because finding slippers that are feminine and cute, and in my size, is practically impossible. So, do you think my shoes are way out there? Honestly, I don't know if I care too terribly much. I love them, and I want them. And they cost less than the other one's I ordered. As soon as I move, I will be ordering these. I cannot wait to wear them!!!


Steve-o said...

They look like ballet flats--a trend I wish would go away. My wife has a few pairs and I plead with and beg her not to wear them when I'm around. I think they do not look particularly flattering on anyone.

The pattern on this particular pair is interesting, to say the least. I'd say "go for it" if they weren't flats.

Terina said...

well steve-o, as i am a giant in the world of women, lots of times, i feel more comfortable wearing these type of shoes. i have started wearing heels, which matt doesn't like too much, because i'm taller than he is when i wear them. but he's getting over it. i LOVE the pattern on these shoes. if it weren't for the pattern i would not even think about buying these. way too plain.