Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sniff Sniff

Do you remember those cute stripy shoes that I posted about last week?? Well, they came today and they are too small!!! They are size 41. They had them listed as an American size 11, but that is not a 41 its a 42. So sad. But they sent me a label so I can send them back for no charge. Most shoe stores online are like that. I have found another pair of shoes that Stacy and Clinton would like. I think. It is so hard for me to find shoes in a regular store. I'm a size 11 (I know, ski's for feet) and they have very little selection in stores. Nordstrom carries a lot of larger sizes but I cannot always afford the larger prices. So, I shop online for shoes and then hope they fit. These other ones should fit as they are listed as a size 42. These are the shoes. What do you think?


nestle said...

I like these. I have a hard time with shoes because my feet are really wide. I usually have to go up a size or 2 just to get my feet in them, then they are too long. Sad.

Terina said...

nestle, i have found some really cool shoe websites for people with big and or wide feet. are you interested??

LeeElle said...

cute shoes.