Sunday, January 20, 2008

Progress being made

So, my progress today wasn't terribly much. A guy came over from the ward to pick up our empty boxes as they are moving, so that much mess is out of our house. Matt put together a bookshelf that I had bought this past summer that never got put together. We have looked high and low for our external hard drive and have not found it. I emptied the kids suitcases and put their "dressers" (I use this term very loosely because what I keep their clothes in isn't really a dresser. They are sterilite type plastic drawers that are lightweight that fit inside closets easily and do not cost me that much.) I went through Lucy's clothes that I had left in her dresser and gave my new friend/neighbor that watched my kids the other day a bag of clothes for her daughter. I talked to a few friends from Texas, and I might have one visit me in a few weeks. I have been compulsively finding things to wash in my new washer and dryer. Of course after moving almost everything needs to be washed. And I love that my new shirts and my new dress can be "hand washed" in my washer. And that they come out perfect. LOVE IT!!! Matt set up our wireless connection yesterday so I am typing this from our dining room table and watching reruns of What Not to Wear. I recorded Northanger Abbey today so that I can watch it later and cross stitch at the same time. Of course I'm talking much later when my kitchen counters are mostly cleared off and I don't have to tiptoe around my living room area. I also found my How to Hug a Porcupine book. Yay!! Matt has asked me if I would teach piano here. I told him that if people want me to, I will. I just feel like it is difficult when I'm not going to be around for a long time. You really need to stick with one teacher for a while. And by the time word gets around, they ask me about it, we set up a time, they buy the books...there really isn't much time for me to actually teach them something and have it be worth their time before they have to find another teacher. A few Sunday's ago, someone from the bishopric asked me about what callings I would like, and what callings I have had before. What??? Don't ask me about something like this. It's not like I have any say in my calling. I'm from the school of accepting any and all callings that come my way unless I have a REALLY good reason to say no. Matt said no last year, and felt a little bad about it, but got over it really fast. The one positive thing about being here for one year is no matter how bad or difficult the calling is, it will end next December.

I have been wanting to post about so many things, but this whole moving stuff has really cramped my blogging style. The things that I think about during the day as I'm moving are gone by the time I get to the computer and try and type. I'll have to get a notebook and write down my ideas so that I don't forget them. So, hopefully more thought out posts soon. No more of these ramblings late at night that encourage my late night eating habit that is contributing to the four pounds (or more I think) that I've put on in the last month of hotel/eating out life. One good motivation to clean up and get things put away is that if I want to exercise, I better get this done. Cause there isn't room. Not even for my pilates.


Rami, Danielle, Eva and Libby said...

I am glad to hear that you are settling in. I still have a few boxes sitting around here and we have been here 6 months.

I always find myself thinking of things to post during the day but draw a blank when I sit down at the computer.

Terina said...

has it only been 6 months? it seemed like much longer than that.