Saturday, January 12, 2008

A nice day

Today we hung out with our perfect couple. We met for lunch on post, then took the kids to a park that is right next to this pond/lake thing on post. There were geese there and the kids thought that was great. The water was not so great.

Our friends have two kids. One was born when we were all in Germany. She was born 8 weeks early, and luckily, other than not attaching to nurse, she has not had any issues since. She is a little small (she and Lucy are the same size, and Lucy is almost a year younger, but my kids are giants....) but that is pretty normal. I would watch her when she was an infant, and our kids would play together too. We haven't seen them in almost two years, but last Saturday, that little girl jumped up on my lap like she's known me for a long time. She let me tickle her, and would show me all kinds of things. Alison said that she doesn't do that with any of her friends. I was surprised. We were talking about it, and Alison thinks that somewhere, she remembers us. Either our faces, or our smell (hopefully a good one) that is still in her memory. When they left Germany, she was about 16 months old. Not very old at all.

I just wonder how much these little people remember. And if she can remember me after two years, what else do they remember? I'm not familiar with any studies on this, other than the little from high school psychology, which was taught by the football coach...... I would like to hope that she does remember us, and trusts us. She let me hold her hand today and carry her too. And this is only the second time she has seen us.

Some interesting thoughts to ponder......

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An Ordinary Mom said...

I think kids just sense and know a lot of things we adults just don't get ... they have yet to be tainted by the world.

What a sweet experience!