Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My brother (not the red haired one, but the married one) called me today, and told me he might be in Washington DC next month. A friend is moving out there, and asked him to drive out there with him. I am very excited because I haven't seen this brother for 18 months. I didn't think I would see him for a while. Unfortunately, his wife wouldn't be going with him, because I still haven't met her yet. Can't have everything I guess. The kids are already excited to go to the museums with him. To be honest, so am I. And maybe we'll get to do a few things that Camille and I weren't able to do. She wanted to go and see the DC temple. But we didn't. Kinda feel bad about that one. Anyway, wanted to share some good news!!!! Can you tell my family doesn't visit very much???


Fort Skinner said...

take me! Take me!
just kidding - when you going then?

The Palmers: said...

Come visit me when you guys get here!

Hope to see you all soon!


Piouette said...

I love it when my family comes to visit. It feels like Christmas for all of us.