Friday, July 11, 2008

A few things

Burn Notice was great!! I went over to Rachel's to watch it and we both really really liked it. Nothing is different, and the story is going in a pretty good direction. It is going to kill me to have to wait until next Thursday.

I tried something new today. Well, not really new, but I haven't done it in a long time. I did not wash my hair today. I have always been a wash my hair every day kind of girl, but I thought I would try it today to see how much of my prep time was cut down. The last time I didn't wash my hair every day was back when Lucy was an infant and I had Andrew as a toddler and I was darn lucky to even get a shower every other day. So, today I showered, but didn't wash the hair. It is ok so far. I'll have to think about if I want to make this a regular thing.

Do you ever want to get inside someones head to know what they are REALLY thinking about you?? Cause I've made a friend that I would really like to know what she really thinks of me. I'm assuming she likes me because she still talks to me and invites us over. But we are SO different. Just would like to see what she thinks.

It poured again tonight. Thunder and lightning and the whole thing. It gets oppressively humid before the heavens open like that. It is so humid here and in Texas that when I go back to California, I feel dry. Go figure. I also get sick every time, but who knows where that comes from. (maybe from all the old yucky things in my mom's house she likes to call antiques???)

We should know where we're going to move sometime in August or September. There are a few places in the states that I would like to go. But I really want to go back to Germany. I would much rather be there when/if Matt deploys. He's not much of a traveler (although if we go we've talked about how we'll actually take a German class this time) but I would be able to go to France as many times as I want. And Poland. And hop on a ryanair flight and go visit my friend in Northern Ireland. And to the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, maybe even Egypt. Anyway, I'm really starting to wonder where we'll be going next.

I think that's all. Now I'm off to organize and clean up our office. Because it is an absolute disaster. I'm hoping I can get it cleaned up completely so that I can start working on my Christmas presents. And then my Christmas cards. Because if I don't start now, it just won't happen. Yeah, I'm that unorganized.


Shelly! said...

Sorry I didn't get your call last night. I was in major OCD cleaning mode.

Sometimes TJ - and I speak from 21 years of experience - the difference you bring into a relationship is the icing on the friendship cake. I completely understand why people not only stay your friends but WANT to be your friends.

Chelsea said...

Seriously - Christmas presents/cards? You are a lot more organized than I am, chica! I don't even start thinking about those until after Halloween.

I'm an every other day hair washer too. If I push it to the limit I can go 3 or 4 days before it gets greasy. I think it's a lot healthier and shinier looking when I don't wash every single day.

Steve-o said...

The little lady's stylist told her not to wash her hair every day for the reasons Chelsea mentioned--to keep her hair healthier and shinier. I personally find the idea of not washing one's hair every day repulsive (especially in hot/humid climates), but whatever tickles your pickle...

J.Ammon said...

You can watch back episodes of Burn Notice on I'd also suggest It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia. Storms rock. We had a bad one last night in Columbia visiting in-laws and it kept Noah up a good part of the night. And yes, I've fallen behind with keeping up with your blog... but dang you post a lot.