Friday, July 11, 2008


So, I could spend HOURS looking through everything on Etsy. It is so easy to lose track of time when you're on there.

I've been wanting to get some calling cards or mommy cards as some are calling them. I meet a lot of people, and usually I am needing to give someone my phone number or email. So, I found these and I think they are awesome!! I got this to put them in so they won't be a mess in my purse.

I would have gotten more of the calling/mommy cards, but we're moving. And these ones I can just fill in my information rather than have it already printed. When we move and we will be in one place for longer than a year, I think I'll get some made with my information on them. But these will work for now. And everyone will think I'm super cool for even having them. I know it doesn't really matter if they think I'm cool. But I like to think I'm cool.

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