Friday, July 4, 2008

A bit of DC for you

I love this picture of the kids and I. It looks like I'm telling them some fascinating information about the Washington Monument. But in reality, I think we're just looking at the clouds or trying to find the duck. We are sitting with our feet in the water at the World War II memorial.

We had a long, fun day today. And we had a fun evening last night too. My kids are pooped, I'm a bit pooped, and Matt is always ready for bed. He needs his eight hours or else he is just not a nice person to be around. But I'm planning on posting a lot this weekend. Most likely Sunday as tomorrow I have a ton of house stuff to do. Hope you all had a great Fourth of July.
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Shelly! said...

That's a great picture of you guys! You even have patriotic colors on :)

Looks like you are busy-busy since your other blog has TONS of posts!

Jen said...

Cute picture! Sounds like a great day!

nikko said...

Nice shot!

My DH is the same way. He's ready for bed hours before I am. ;o)