Saturday, July 19, 2008

My best friend the elliptical

I have been working out on the elliptical this week. I do it for half an hour. After nine minutes I do it going backwards for a minute. Then I do another nine get the idea. I really like it. The hardest part is getting my kids dressed and ready and getting there. Because they don't always like going to the neighborhood center. I don't blame them. It can't be easy. I am so excited for school to start so that after I drop off Andrew I can walk right over to the center and exercise super early. Well, for me it would be super early. And Matt lost my Billy Blanks DVD. Hopefully he'll find it tomorrow because he didn't want me to buy another one last night. Taebo really kicks my butt. It helps me to be more coordinated and I sweat like crazy. The elliptical also gets me sweating like crazy. But I'm getting old because my hip hurts when I walk home. And speaking of old, I keep seeing these lighter colored hairs in my hair. Wondering if they are blond hairs or gray hairs. I am determined to keep going with my exercise. It is so hard for me to keep going because I see very little results. I don't feel that different during the day. It isn't a stress relief for me. It is almost tortuous. But if I'm ever going to see any change in my body I gotta keep going. My goals are a slightly firmer bum and tummy. Not asking a lot. I'll check back in a month. We'll see where I'm at. So, the elliptical and I are going to be very good friends. Maybe someday I'll actually run.....

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