Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go read these

There is an awesome post on Feminist Mormon Housewives today. Go here to read it. What I love about it, is how this can happen in any social situation. PTA, FRG, or just in your neighborhood, not just in a church setting. It makes you think more about what you say. I LOVED it.

Another great post is this one on Rocks in my Dryer. Being the oldest of six kids, I can understand where this mother of so many is coming from. Every Thursday she has a guest poster talking about her perspective in her life. She's had one from a mother with autistic children, a mother that has lost a baby, and a few others. I think one was a military wife too. I LOVE how this lets you see into another perspective and gets you out of your own little box. It really opens your eyes.

In other news, Matt leaves this weekend for a whole month. He will be doing a rotation at another military post. Good things of him leaving: don't have to share car or computer for a month. (well, I hope he doesn't take the computer) Bad things: I'm all alone all day every day with my kids. With no help. We will be going to the pool and the park and maybe going to DC to see friends and my brother. He will also miss Andrews first day of real school. But we will survive. Because honestly, a month goes by fast. He isn't deployed, so that is also a good thing. And how many other wives out there have had to be on their own for those long fifteen month deployments??? Yeah, I have nothing to whine about. And please understand (for those of you not in the military) why I may have little to no empathy when your husbands leave for a few days or maybe as much as a week. For us, it's a normal thing, and rather than whining, we just do it. Well, most of us just do it. There are the few that whine. (thank goodness I don't know any of those wives right now. I knew one in Germany, and boy, I wanted to give her a good kick. Anne, you know who I'm talking about......) So, no sympathy for me. Don't need it. Just keep my kids for me once or twice so that I can keep my sanity. :) Have a good Thursday!!

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Fort Skinner said...

You'll survive the month with him gone - heck, I bet you'll even like it! :) Let me know when you are at the pool.

Whiny military wives bug me too. Of course everyone is entitled to a good whine once in a while but if it's more than once a month I don't have time for it.