Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us

So, I was just sitting here and I realized that we have now been in the Army for five years. That is such a long time! July 9th is the day Matt entered basic training. So, almost to the day. Our actual anniversary is this month also, and we'll be married for 7 years. So crazy. Anyway, back to our Army anniversary....

In the last five years I have learned a ton about this military life that I had no idea about before. It isn't as bad or as scary as you might think. There are some really good benefits. Some awesome people are in the military. Moving around a lot can be a good thing. LDS members of the military are great. Well, most of the time. Having friends that live all over the place is also great. The PX and the commissary can be really awesome.

There are some not good parts of the military. Like rarely seeing the same doctor when you go to a military hospital. Or the really slow speed limits on post. Then there are those that join the military because they got their girlfriend pregnant so they get married and move on post and they are totally clueless about everything. There is the rampant problem of incredibly dirty mouths. People use the "f" word like a verb sometimes. There are those whiny wives of some military members that just don't get that the military is nothing like anything else. And of course deployments.

All in all, it was a great thing for us to join the Army. It isn't for everyone. And sadly, some don't know that until they join and they are stuck for the next four years.

Anyway, happy anniversary to us.


Steve-o said...

This month is your seventh wedding anniversary? I didn't realize you guys got married at the same time as us (July 28). Happy Anniversary!

Fort Skinner said...

One other thing about the military... you might not see the same doctor each time but at least it's all FREE! And the medicine too.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!