Monday, July 7, 2008

La Tour

So, did you know I'm a closet Tour de France fan? OK, mostly Matt is because he likes to watch the riders. I watch it because I like to see France. And I like to see all the french companies advertising. Like Vittel (greatest water ever!!), Champion (love this supermarche), Credit Lyonais, Caisse D'Epargne, and more that I can't think of right now. And next Monday's stage starts in Pau!!! (you pronounce it like po) Which I am excited about. I served there for six weeks on my mission. I remember one year, they had a stage ending in Nancy, where my brother Marshall spent six weeks of his mission. Where we went to visit him twice. Anyway, they had an aerial shot of Place Stanislaus. Which I have been to. And it was just cool to see it on TV. Another cool thing about le Tour, is that occasionally, it has a few stages ending or starting in other countries. Two years ago, they had a stage that ended in Karlsruhe, Germany and Matt and several of his friends from the chorus rode down to see the race end there. It was about 35k south of us, and they rode there and back. It was one of the few things that he really wanted to do while we were in Germany. And I was glad he did it. So, now we watch each stage every day. Well, today we didn't because Matt was exhausted. But I'm sure tomorrow we will. And I will be watching next Monday too. The most exciting part of the stages are the end, when someone tries to break away from the Pelleton and people really start to step it up. And then they crash. But not every time. Anyway, it's fun to watch. Vive la tour!!!


Fort Skinner said...

Guess you are out of the tour closet now!
the tour de france is fun to watch. Those guys are amazing.
So, was Matt tired b/c of work? Or tired from watching the guys bike so hard?
Are women allowed in the tour de france?

Chelsea said...

I love watching the Tour too! Mostly for all the scenery and the occasional crash. :)

Steve-o said...

Um, which "scenery" are you referring to?

Terina said...

well, i'm not talking about hot mens bodies, and i don't think chelsea is either as we both served in france and miss like crazy. we are referring to the actual country.

Steve-o said...

Kind of hard to believe. I'll try to accept that answer.