Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been looking all over Ebay for the kids birthday gifts. And all over the internet. Andrews leapster died, so we're going to get him another one, with a few games. There are a ton on Ebay, but I'm just watching a few to see what they are going for right now. At Walmart, for just the actual system, it's $50. And each game is about $20. Not sure what we'll get yet, but I'm hoping for a system with a few games. For Lucy, I want to get her a play kitchen. But the ones I like are WAY too expensive. So, I was looking into some smaller things, and I found this on the Land of Nod. I love it! It is small, easily put away, and it comes with the cutest wooden cooking things. I'm trying to convince Matt it is a better choice than getting some plastic kitchen thing. I'm trying to get toys that will last a while, and not have just cheap stuff around the house. (need to go through and throw stuff away too) So, I thought it would be good to get some wooden play food. And Melissa and Doug have some play food that I was thinking about getting. But then I found this website. I love this place! The shipping is pretty reasonable, and they have the coolest toys. And they are German toys!!! I fell in love with German toys when we lived there. I was thinking about sending some friends that still live there some money so they could get me some cool stuff. But now I don't have to. I love the wooden play food on this website. I'm going to order a fairly large order, and then save half of it for Christmas for Lucy. And get Andrew a marble run. Because when we were in DC, he found one at a gift shop, and really wanted it, but I knew I could get a better one online. So, I convinced him to get something else. And I found this. Only $3 more than the plastic one he wanted, but made of bamboo and much cooler because it comes with wooden marbles, not glass ones.

I spent a lot of time yesterday morning searching around for this stuff. I found some of the wooden food on ebay, but it was actually cheaper on this website. Can you tell I'm excited about it? We have some wooden blocks that I bought in Germany, and we love them. I also bought some at Tuesday Morning. They have buckets of blocks that are German made, and we love them! And they'll last forever.

I also sent an email to their grandparents, telling them what we're doing, and letting them know they are welcome to contribute to what we're getting them. Or get them something that goes along with it. No one has said anything, but that's ok. It was just a suggestion. Hopefully they don't take offense. I did say that if they didn't want to contribute, or get something that goes along with it, to please remember that we move a lot, and that stuffed animals take up a lot of space and just get full of dust mites. I really hate stuffed animals. No kid needs more than one or two. And the last ones his mom sent shed dark fuzz all over the place. We threw those out pretty quick. If his mom has a problem, I'll just tell her that Matt was the one who told me to just throw them out. (he did) Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with his parents because someone as outgoing and opinionated as I am just kind of rubs them the wrong way. Heaven forbid someone actually says what they think.

Do you like what we're getting the kids? Leapsters are awesome. We had one, but Lucy got to my Mrs. Meyers cleaner and sprayed it all over it. And I'm talking half the bottle. I had to rinse it off to get it all off. So, it died. We only have two games for it. (darn games are so expensive) Hopefully I'll find a good deal on Ebay.


LCM said...

We love our Leapster. We have quite a few games and when the girls are done playing with it, we are taking it to EBAY!
Oh, I connected with your blog because my big brother is finishing is PA program in Las Vegas. I don't get to chat with him much, so I thought I would eavesdrop at your house!

Terina said...

i bet your brother might know my husband!! we almost got vegas because the airforce had a spot open. (our fams are in so cal) so sad that we didn't get it. but here in NC isn't so bad. and welcome. if you have any questions, about the program, just ask!

Heidi said...

I only wish that leapfrog made more games...it seems like we could only find a couple that were age appropriate.

I like the website you recommended. It looks like really nice stuff, but how do you afford it? Do you ascribe to the philosophy of buying less but at a higher quality? I just can't bring myself to spend $50 on a set of blocks...although I did get some nice wooden ones at Tuesday Morning too!

Terina said...

well, the play food isn't that bad. and andrews marble thing isn't that expensive. and i only buy my blocks at tuesday morning where they are only $10 or $15. land of nod is WAY expensive, but the other one isn't as expensive. i try to buy less and get a good deal on it. i would like to get rid of a lot of their toys before we move again. i'm going to try and subscribe to that belief of buying less but higher quality. it's hard coming from the yard sale freaks of my family.:) but i'm working on it.

Piouette said...

I subscribe to the less but better quality , and stuff that you can add to philosophy. With 4 kids spread out, they still enjoy the same toys from their early years and have a nice collection. Love Legos, Playmobils and such and also French toys. We don't get too overrun. Current accessories to older toys are the best.