Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pictures of my craftiness

So, do you remember a while back when I was really excited about what I had done for Andrews teachers? Well, now that I can upload pictures, here is a little of what I did. I had a card that I made at a friends stamping thing, so I used the same idea, with different colors and stamps and this is what it came out to be.

The big pieces of paper on the sides of these boxes were actually huge stickers. Well, adhesive mats is what I think they are really called. But they are just a huge sticker. I cut one in half for the short sides of the box.

I have a ton of tags already done. So I just pop one out, stamp it, and attatch. Easy as pie. And using hemp twine really makes it look cool. Sorry the picture isn't very good. I took it in my car where there wasn't very good lighting.

Here is the other box that I did.

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It may seem so simple to all of you really crafty people out there, but this was pretty good for me. I'm working on becoming more crafty. Maybe next years teachers will have an even craftier gift.


emily said...

nice work!! Congrats on finding the time.. That's my problem these days.

Jen said...

Good job!

Vashti said...

Terina, these look great!