Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lazy day

Today is our lazy day. For the last three days, we've been fairly busy. Monday was laundry day, and I was pretty busy the whole day. I made quinoa lasagna for dinner, and since it makes so much, I invited a family over that is leaving soon AND knows what quinoa is so that I don't have convince them to eat it. While they were here, the phone rang. It was some other friends that wanted to come over and play the Wii. (yes, we have one now) So, we said, sure come on over, and I started to make peanut butter cookies. It was an unexpected party at our house. Luckily, most of the places people were was fairly clean and picked up. Oh, and that morning, I had gone to the neighborhood center and done half an hour on the elliptical, and about 10 minutes on the treadmill. (I think I'm getting old because after doing the elliptical for that long and moving to the treadmill, my hip starts to hurt.) Tuesday morning, I did Pilate's at home. Andrew had a doctors appointment that day (physical for school). After that we decided to go over to the pool and called some friends to see if they wanted to come too. It ended up that both dads came home from work as we were leaving, and so it was fun to finally have the dads with us at the pool. By the time we left the pool it was dinner time. So, we all went out to dinner. Yesterday we went to the neighborhood center again, but picked up a friend and her kids because she wanted to go to the step class but didn't have her car that day. (no, i didn't go to the step class. not coordinated enough for public display) But I did do the elliptical. Dropped them off at their house, came home, got showered (hair dryer died AGAIN) dressed, and picked them up again to go to the free lunch over at the elementary school. (this is the coolest thing. for a month during the summer, two elementary schools have free lunches for kids from 2 to 18, and I an have one too, and it's only $3. lucky for me, one of the schools is just down the street so we can walk if we wanted to) We met other friends there, and on the way home, said friends son asked if they could come and play at our house. They ended up at our house until 4pm!! Which was great for the kids and for me. My friend blogged on my computer while she talked to me and helped to keep me focused on cleaning up my house. Matt was in the Labor and Delivery room all day, so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about him eating dinner so we had our leftover quinoa lasagna. Before that we ran to the PX to find me yet another hair dryer. Since the kids had gone to bed late two nights in a row, they were in bed on time last night. Lucy put herself to bed ( I LOVE that about that girl) before we even said family prayers. So after being super busy these last few days, we aren't going to be busy today at all. In fact, I haven't even showered so far, or gotten dressed, or eaten breakfast. And neither have the kids. (they aren't hungry first thing in the morning. they would rather wait to eat) All I have to do today is the laundry, and either clean up my room or clean the bathrooms. Both need to be done, so we'll see which actually happens. I need to call my babysitter for tomorrow night to tell her what time to be here. I have to get to the store either today or tomorrow as we're going to a friends house and we're providing the rib eye steaks. (they've done the meat every other time) And those friends are also moving. And Matt and I are going out tomorrow night because he'll be gone on our anniversary. He'll be gone for four weeks. We haven't been apart for this long since he was in basic and AIT. He's been gone a week at a time, but not four weeks straight in a row. I already have plans to keep my sanity!!! I'm going to ask two girls to come over and play with the kids for a few hours a week so that I can get things done. The girls are 8 and around 10 or 11 and I will pay them a little something. I've done this before and it is awesome. It helps me be productive and gives the kids someone else to play with. I am not usually so busy. Our days are pretty laid back with trips to the park and the pool. Sometimes over to friends houses. So I am very glad today that we can have a lazy day. But we'll probably still go to the school lunch. Because the kids eat free, and if I get my act together and get me some cash (I hardly have cash on me anymore) I can eat too. And today is the good day to eat. I hope your Thursday is a lazy day too.

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