Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There was an earthquake at home today. A 5.4. I know that to most of you that means nothing. But for me just the thought of an earthquake I have to sit down. The epicenter wasn't very far from my parents house either. It wasn't a rolling one, apparently, it was a quick jolt type one. You can tell the difference pretty easily. Anyway, thankfully it seems that there isn't any major damage. I remember hearing about the HUGE earthquakes in Japan and China. I cannot imagine that. Our buildings in So Cal are built to withstand earthquakes, whereas the buildings in Japan and China are not. Many are actually built on rollers, and sway. I've been on a fourth floor during an earthquake, and it sure feels stronger than when you're on the bottom floor. I hope none of you ever have to experience something like a big earthquake. They just really suck.


Stephanie said...

6th floor... WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Alison said...

Yeah I was wondering about you and the fam since i know they are in So Cal. Glad they are ok

Fort Skinner said...

you know it's interesting - you say your parents said it was a jolt one, my mom says it felt like a rolling one!!
I remember those days. I remember being at school one day when a big one hit and I was HOPING they'd cancel school, but they didn't. We just had to stand out in the courtyard for an hour.
People don't understand earthquakes until they have been in one.

Piouette said...

Glad to hear the glendora folks are OK. THe VanVoorens were right on Hollywood Blvd when it happened. They thought it was some kind of subway passing below, to realize later that night, it was an earthquake!