Monday, March 3, 2008


This last weekend I had a friend from San Antonio come and visit. Well, she really wasn't visiting me. Her husband, who has been deployed, is coming home, and before he gets to San Antonio, he had to come here to do some stuff. So, since she has five kids, and as soon as he gets back they are doing some major family trips, she came out to have a weekend with him without anyone else. She spent the first night here, and then went and picked him up the next day. I had told her that her payment for staying with me, she would have to bring me some tomato basil soup from La Madeleine. I love this restaurant in San Antonio and in Fayetteville, there is little diversity. I'm still looking for some decent Mexican!! Anyway, the bottles I remembered seeing were much smaller than the ones she brought. And she brought me these chocolat truffle things they make!!!!! I've had to say a few times, "those are mommys!!" or to my husband, "don't touch my chocolat!!"

Yesterday for lunch, Lucy and I had grilled cheese sandwiches with the soup. That stuff is so rich, but SO good. I have found a recipe for it, but I haven't tried it yet. I don't think I'm going to be sharing my soup either. They won't appreciate like I would!!! I was going to take pictures of my grilled cheese and soup, but I didn't put it in or on anything really pretty (like my pottery for example) so I didn't take a picture. A plastic plate and bowl just isn't very picture worthy. If you live near one of these restaurants, you must go!! It isn't as expensive as it sounds.


Caroline said...

No way! I love that soup from La Madeleine! They have a few of these restaurants up in DC. I'll be sure to bring you a couple of soup jars whenever I visit my folks. :)

Maybe we can get together some time next week? I'm heading out-of-town this weekend to visit some college friends but I'll be back on Sunday.

Terina said...

caroline, i would share my soup with you because i know you would appreciate it. even make you a grilled cheese.:)

nikko said...

Oooh... I heart tomato basil soup! I've never had it at La Madeleine, though!

emily said...

all of it is making me hungry!!