Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring and Chocolat

I love spring. For several reasons...

1. Weather is nice
2. My birthday comes
3. The sun comes out
4. I don't have to wear pants anymore
5. Cadbury mini eggs and Cadbury cream eggs appear on store shelves
6. My skin goes from pasty white to nice tan.
7. We live at the park (hence the nice tan)
8. I like being warm
9. Nice huge tax return. (it pays to be poor sometimes)

I am actually eating a few mini eggs right now. I will be buying a bag every time I go to the store until they are gone. That way I have a little stock pile that I can slowly work on for a few months. This country really needs to have more Cadbury chocolat around. Much better than hersheys. My dream is to go to the factory. Can't remember if it is in Scotland or England, but it doesn't matter. One day I will go. And swim in crunchie bars........


Jen said...

Oh I love cadbury mini chocolate eggs.

Nicole said...

You know they have those Crunchie bars at the commissary now. I just bought one. I hope it's like the Australian Violet Crumble bars I adore.