Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Target Deprivation

So, yesterday Lucy and I head out to find the Target around here. I had found it online before, but really hadn't had a good reason, or my car and the time, to go and look for it. We found it today. Here is the weird part. The next closest Target is 40 miles away. 40 miles!!! What is that? How do people function with only one Target? Perhaps I've been spoiled most of my life and I should be grateful to even have one!! In San Antonio I had four within 20 minutes in four different directions. In California where I live, I can't even tell you how many there are. And this one here wasn't even a SuperTarget!!! It was very nice to finally be in a Target after really months of not going. The clearance racks were very bare. At least for the kids clothes. I was hoping for more options, but there were not. I'm starting to miss all my Targets in Texas. Lucy and I had a good time, and we still made it back in time to pick up Andrew from school. Thank goodness we will only be in the Only One Target In The Entire City city for one year. And if we ever come back, they better have a few more to choose from.

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Rachel said...

You are hilarious! I wish they'd build a bunch more Targets here!! I love Target, but ours is so picked over... blah. I rarely go... :(