Monday, March 31, 2008

My attempt at decorating

My Grandma Belliston bought these prints in Paris in the 60's, when she and her sister went traveling together. When she died, she had two sets as her sister had bought the same ones. My grandma had not ever framed them, but her sister had. I got the ones that weren't framed, and I've had them for years. I've been wanting to hang them in my home for the longest time. I finally got them framed (all of them for only $114) and then it took a while to get them up. I love them! I love sitting in my living room and looking at them. I'm not a great decorator. And I can't paint the walls because we're going to move by next Christmas, so white walls it is. But I think they look good there. I'll be posting more of what I have on my walls later today.


Chelsea said...

I LOVE those! Great deal on the framing too.

Classics and Country said...

These are great prints, the thing that makes it even more special is that your grandmother got them for you.