Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is crazy

I saw this story this morning on the news. Seriously, what is wrong with this woman??

And in other (well, to me) craziness, one of my companions from my mission just had a baby boy and named him Andrek. Now, we had a zone leader who was named this, and she just really liked the name. (for the record, I did not like this zone leader. so, therefore, anything remotely associated with him I don't like, including his name) I had to call her and tell her that I would have to call her son something else. I wrote her husband and asked him how he could let her name their son that!! They have a Josh and a Max. Why ruin it with Andrek???? Oh well. I'll probably call him Andy. I had another friend that had an odd name for her baby too. She named her daughter Kaya Mirabelle. What??? People and strange names......I just have had an odd name oh, my entire life. And so I cringe when people try and be "creative" for originality's sake. Or try and spell it all strange just to throw the rest of us off. Not a fan of that. My kids will all have normally spelled non-made up names that everyone can pronounce. Well, possibly a little french spelling....we'll have to see what I come up with for our next kid. (no this is not a hint. just my ramblings about names and all my opinions about them.)


Shelly! said... Kaya is on our list of names too. And so is Nina (after you he he!). I better give you the heads up in case we ever have another one and if that 'another one' happens to be a girl.

But Andrek...hum....can't go there.

Terina said...

well, it is mostly the kaya mirabelle combo that was a little odd.

MommyK said...

Honestly? If someone wrote to me and asked me why on earth I named my child whatever, I'd be overwhelmingly insulted. Even if it was someone I was close to, ESPECIALLY if it was someone I was close to. Names are hugely personal. Do you expect them to change the child's name because you don't like it?

Terina said...

no. i never expect that. but i don't respond with "oh, what a cute name" if i really don't like it. with the andrek thing, she knew a long long time ago that i didn't like the name, so it wasn't a surprise at all. and i'm talking 6 years ago...its more of a joke than anything. BUT i never would do it to anyone else. i do believe that you can name your kids whatever you want. i just cringe inside when i hear about someone with the last name of jones, naming one of their children indiana. (and that one is no joke.) i also knew someone with the last name of sherwood and his first name was forest. seriously. crazy parents.