Monday, March 31, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

So, tonight I finally got to watch one episode of Dancing with the Stars all the way through and NOT on the computer. I must say that as much as the Tony Award winning girl (I can't remember her name) can dance well, she herself is a bit irritating. Never been a big fan of Shannon Elizabeth, but she can dance!! And Jason.....very nice. And I loved the joke Adam Carolla made. Not sure who I want to win (maybe someday I'll actually watch it in time to vote. tonight I had to share the TV with someone that HAD to watch the Angels game....sigh....) but I'm excited for tomorrow nights show and to see Kylie Minogue.

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Shelly! said...

Bummer - I missed it last night! How did Marlee Matlin do?

I cannot wait to see Kylie Minogue! WOOHOO! She was on the Today show while I was at the gym and they showed her old Locomotion video. Ha!

So we really need to catch up today. I'm off to take Will to preschool, and then head to the gym. But I should be free around lunch time (our time). Then I have a Dr's appointment this afternoon - wooohooohooo.

2 days TJ!