Saturday, March 8, 2008

We're not the only ones

My sister called me last night with an interesting experience she had. She has been in the Young Women's program at church for several years. There is a girl that is about 13. She has a younger sister, not too much younger than her, and she absolutely hates her. This girls mother is kind of rude, and in your face about things. Not terribly nice. The 13 year old is very social, has lots of friends. The one just younger than her is pretty smart, and could be in her older sisters math class next year. The dad passed away about a year or so ago, and from what my sister tells me, it sounds like he was a laid back, easy going kind of a guy.

So, if you've known me since I was oh, 12 (I think there's only one of you) as you are reading, you would think you were reading about me. I hated my sister for years. Really hated her. My mother is rude, not terribly nice, and get in peoples faces pretty easily. I was very social, my younger sister was better in school than I was. I still have my dad, but my dad is exactly that. Easy going, laid back.

What occurred to my sister is that there is a pattern. That we are not the only ones. There are others in the same sort of situation that we were in. And sometimes knowing that there are others that have gone through and will go through my situation help me to get through it. Gives me a little hope.

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