Thursday, March 27, 2008


Right now my husband is packing for his first camp out with the boys at church and he will be taking Andrew with him! Andrew is very excited, as most boys are at the prospect of sleeping in a sleeping bag, inside a tent, being outside, being with their dad, and being able to see lots of stars!! Andrew will have his own small backpack with just pj's and a change of clothes and maybe a small blanket and his small pillow. And maybe a few snacks because I am such an overly prepared person when it comes to camping and traveling. Matt is bringing MRE's for he and Andrew to eat, and I just can't imagine Andrew not eating anything between leaving for camping and dinner time at the campsite. I've drilled him on the rules of going camping. Luckily no campfire, so I don't have to worry about that. And to not leave daddy. I am going to slip our old camera in with his stuff. I just might have some fun pictures to post Saturday.

In other news, I am suffering from the worst allergies I have ever had. I cannot taste or smell a darn thing. I happen to like to smell and taste. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Shelly! said...

I find it hilarious that Matt is taking MREs. We used to take those when we went backpacking - but not camping! YUCK!

Sounds fun for the boys to be together. What are the girls going to do?

Terina said...

stay at home. and have quiet. and i think they aren't allowed to have a campfire so thats why matt is bringing MRE's. we've had a pretty bad drought here.

Terina said...
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emily said...

yeah, I laughed at the MRE's too... and my allergies are really kicking in, too... Yuck!

(thanks for the cupcake link the other day!)