Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Job, Worst Job.......

My first job that I actually got a paycheck with taxes taken out was a hostess at a restaurant called Pinnacle Peak. I eventually worked my way up to cashier, and then server. And I did some other random things there too. My call name was Calamity Jane. I spent four years working there. My best friend and her boyfriend were also working there. I have to say that I really enjoyed being cashier and being a server. I've told Matt that if I had to get a job I would want to do that. It is great. I love to talk, and be social, and being a server allows me all of that, and I'm on my feet, so its good exercise. I learned a lot about meat at work as we were a steak restaurant. And I am always nice to our servers unless they are really really bad. And I try to talk to them too, and not just give them our order and be done with it. While I was in California, my best friend, her boys and husband and me and my kids all went out to dinner there. It was fun!! Our servers name was Calamity Jane. There wasn't anyone that still remembered us. We drove past the restaurant a few days later, and our old manager was still there, so we went in and said hello!! It was great to see her.

I've worked at a Hallmark store as a clerk there, and it was owned by members of our church. They were the worst people to work for. If you live in Glendora California, do not work at Ellsworths Stationers. Hopefully things have changed, but if not....just don't go there.

I worked as a secretary for an industrial supplies company. I was horrible at that job. I am just not anal and organized enough for that job. I think the owner felt sorry for me, and kept me on longer than he wanted. But it was a good learning experience.

I have also worked as personal assistant/nanny type of person for two Creative Memories Consultants. I would help with the business, and with their home. Everything from doing things on the computer to picking up kids from school or making their lunches. It was fun, and I got product at cost!! When I could afford it anyway....

Other than that I've taught piano quite a bit. I don't have a degree, but would like to get back to taking music classes. It has helped us financially. This is the first place that I haven't really taught. I only have one student right now, but we're moving soon, so it's not terribly permanent.

I'm now a Stay At Home Mom. This is the hardest job yet. I'm not organized. I'm cluttery in the house. I would rather cross stitch than clean a bathroom. But the positive thing is that I have gotten better over the years. I have little patience, I think I let them watch too much TV. (we got into a bad habit when we lived in a hotel for two months. couldn't go anywhere, didn't have many toys, so they jumped on the bed, took walks, and watch disneychannel like crazy) I hope that my progress keeps going.

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It's just me... said...

the trip to PP was much better than I expected. Thanks for pushing the issue with me. And it was really good to see Mo.

Even though I knew all of these - it was fun to read through them! Though having 'Please Remember Me' playing through the time I was reading it made me a little teary.

Time is flying fast TJ.