Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh this day

I know many of you are incredibly busy with either wrapping presents, cleaning your homes because family is arriving, traveling to your families, or baking/cooking like crazy. I have none of that to do. I do have some wrapping to do, but that will be very easy to do. We have already done all of our traveling. No one is coming to see us, and its hard to bake cookies when all you have to bake in is a microwave. We have now been here for two full days....

First, I think I lost my makeup somewhere between here and San Antonio. It could also be in the black hole that is my van right now. I have looked, but not as much as maybe I should. Tomorrow that will be on my list of things to do, and luckily I bought some replacements, should they be needed, for church tomorrow.

We went to Walmart today, which some of you may think was a mistake. It wasn't too bad. We got the kids some pretty cool things. The lady ringing me up rang up a $30 item twice, so first thing Monday morning, I'll be back at Walmart. I also have something to return too. Lucy tore a box of crayons at Walmart today too. Luckily they were the cheap roseart ones, so it only cost me 72 cents.

I do have two small burners to cook on. We were going to do some grocery shopping at Walmart, but decided against it as time went on and more and more people were showing up there. We decided to stop at this small store, Aldi, that was on the way home. I love Aldi's. They are all over Germany and France. They even have the carts that you have to put money into to use, and have to return to get your money back. LOVE that. Anyway, I spent some time shopping for food for our dinner and for tomorrow. Get through the line, swipe my card and the lady asks me if I want cash back. I say no, that its a credit card. She says they don't take credit cards. I say what about a check. Only cash or debit cards. WHAT???? As we don't use our debit cards (we use our credit card for everything and then pay it off at the end of the month) I had nothing to use. So, left it all there and went back to the car. We had to drive for the longest time before we even found a small grocery store. I bought some things, and by the time we got home, the kids were starving. I cooked it as fast as I could. Cannot believe the lack of grocery stores around here. What do people eat?? Of course down our street are a few men's only clubs, at least that's what the sign insinuates, and there aren't that many houses.

We went to Big Lots today too, and I bought some cheap decorations for our hotel room. I thought about getting a small little tree, but the ones I saw at Walmart wouldn't stand up to the beating they would take from the kids. Wish I could find a Michael's or something like that. We really don't have a place for it, but it would be fun to have something. There is a cork board up on the wall in our room, so at Walmart I bought more pushpins and put our stockings up on it. And as the black hole has eaten up the decorations I bought (Matt says he'll go and look for them tomorrow) our little hotel room isn't very festive.

I have realized that I have lost all track of time. I didn't remember my mom's birthday. I called my sister today and asked how her day was, and she said that it was her anniversary. I had no idea. I haven't looked at a calendar for the longest time. And I was so focused on moving, Matt graduating, and Matt's family coming I just didn't have any room in my head left for anything else. My mom reminded me that my grandma's birthday was coming up too, and I told her that if I couldn't remember hers, there is no way I would be able to remember grandma's...

I talked to one of my sister in laws today and I asked her if I was cranky when they were here. She said that she would never had told me, but that yes, I was. She also told me that the "lazy sister" referred to in my other post has been diagnosed and is being medicated as being bipolar. That sheds some light on her behavior. Matt's maternal grandma was also bipolar. Hopefully it skipped Matt. I really want to make more of an effort to get to know this bipolar sister. We really have very little in common to talk about, but to kind of makeup for my yucky feelings in her direction last week, I need to at least try and talk to her a little more often.

I know that many of you are very busy and don't have too much time to comment or to post much right now. I seem to have the opposite problem. I have tons of time to post stuff. Oodles of time. So apologies if I seem to have an endless amount of things to say. I just have a lot of time to think about things, and fingers that are itching to type.....

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It's just me... said...

I love the oodles of information you have to share. Seriously TJ - you know I get such a kick out of reading your blog.

Interesting information about the SIL. And yes, you were probably cranky but I must say it was not the best time for the entire family to show up and expect a party.

And let go of the things you haven't been remembering. Even with just the holidays people get busy and forgetful, let alone a graduation, a move across multiple states, a family encounter, and two kids.