Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Cousins

Time for another introduction to some of my blogroll....

Two of the names LeeElle and Kerilynn, are my cousins. I have known them since they were born. That of course does not mean I know them terribly well, but I have known them their entire lives. LeeElle and I physically look more like sisters than my actual sisters. She is the cousin closest to my age on my dads side of the family. When we were little kids, my sister and I would go and spend the night at LeeElle's and Kerilynns. They lived in Anaheim and we lived a good 30-40 minutes away in Glendora. So, we wouldn't get to do it that often. My favorite time was over a Cinco de Mayo weekend. I think we were spending the weekend with them. I couldn't have been more than 10 or so. My aunt and uncle had a lemon tree that was just needing to be picked. At least I think so. We (Me, Dawnette, LeeElle, and Kerilynn and their sisters) decided to make lemonade and sell it on their front lawn. Total kid thing to do. They lived down the street from a pretty big park that always had a huge Cinco de Mayo celebration with carnival rides and all kinds of stuff. Perfect time for selling lemonade!!! We sat out there in our swimsuits and sold our lemonade all day to all the passerbys. I don't remember how much we sold it for. I do remember that we made about $20 and to us that was a HUGE amount of money. I remember my uncle sitting us down and giving me, my sister and LeeElle and Kerilynn each 50 cents to pay as our tithing and talking to us about that. Then, we had $18 to use for something. So we took everyone out to KFC for dinner. (LeeElle or Kerilynn, correct me if I have any of these details wrong) I am very glad these two girls are in my family. LeeElle is certified in ASL (American sign language) and is currently supporting her husband working two jobs as he goes through law school, using her ASL skills. My brother would always go to firesides at BYU with her. She would always translate up front and so he knew he could get a good seat if he went with her. Kerilynn recently got her cosmetology's license and I should have had her do my hair back in September when I was in California. One more thing about LeeElle is that a few years ago (and maybe she still has it) she had a license plate frame that said Legs Like Barbie, Chest Like Ken. Perfectly describes what our bodies used to look like, that is for sure. Neither one of them post very often, but check them out when you have the time.

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