Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kind of sad

Since I don't have a calendar up in our hotel room, it has been a little hard remembering what day is what. Friday, while I was enjoying myself shopping without my kids, I remembered what day it was. My brother got married that morning.

When he told me the date, I knew that reality was that we would not be able to go. We would be traveling the opposite direction, moving, and getting situated in our new "home". I kind of hoped that I would find an amazing deal on plane tickets, but I checked and there wasn't any deal.

They are having an open house at my parents house next weekend, and I keep hoping that I'll find a great deal and surprise everyone. I've checked southwest a few times, and I could get the $99 one way deal from LAX to here, but not from Raleigh to LAX. So sad. But the reality is that I won't be able to go. If I could get a cheap flight and if someone would let me have some Prozac or other anti-anxiety meds I could to it.

That is the reality of living a long ways away..... It's just really stinky.

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