Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hotels and so much more

I think my kids have been in more hotels than most adults. Right now we are in our third hotel of our trip. We are taking our time to get there as we will have to stay in a hotel no matter where we are, so what is the rush?? So far, we have been through four states, and tomorrow will embark into our fifth, and then the sixth, the one where we will live for all of next year.

I was a little irritated/angry on my last post. My in laws bring out some major irritations with me. I'm not sure if it is their personalities, their life choices, or how they treat me and my kids. Whatever the case, I need to get over it because I have to deal with these people for the rest of my life. Perhaps I feel a little gypped. I sometimes wish someone had told me more about them so I would have had a better idea of what I would be getting into. Luckily for me, I have lived far enough away for so long that my contact with them is very limited.

I have done very little Christmas shopping. We made the choice to wait until we had gotten to our final destination to shop. Just because of the lack of space in our vehicle. As it is right now, we have 1,000 pounds of personal things in our van. (we had it weighed). Obviously no room for Christmas presents. One of my suitcases is purely cooking type things with recipe books, utensils, pots/pans, and dish towels and dish rags.

This afternoon we had Panera Bread for lunch. YUM!!!! If you have one near you, go and eat there. So yummy. I wanted to buy some bread and some bagels or muffins or cinnamon rolls, but Matt wanted to get back on the road. It was nice to have good food for once. I get really tired of hamburgers, chicken strips, and french fries. And their whole sandwiches last me two meals. Even their chips are good for you. They have organic milk and organic yogurt for the kids too. Not things that I can keep in the car for the kids very well.

I just finished reading Pillars of the Earth. I really really really liked it. I was sad to find out the next one is still in hardback. (I only buy my books in paperback, that's how I can afford to have so many!) I have Atonement which I started to read in the car the other day, but I was having a hard time getting into it. Maybe when I'm not on the road or so distracted with how Matt is driving and the kids behind me. Anyone have any good books to recommend?

I've noticed that I haven't had too many comments recently. Probably because I have been pretty focused on one thing: Moving and you all are a little bit tired of hearing about it. Hopefully I'll have other things to talk about once we are settled into our new home/hotel for the next month. I do have other things to talk about, just this one always seems to be at the top of my mind.

I will introduce you to two more people from my blog roll as a change to all of the moving talk....

Joe and Emily. I have known Joe since I was 21 and he was 20. At the time he was Elder and I was Soeur. For some reason, we have kept in contact for many years (I won't say how many, then you'll know how old I am!!!) and while we were living in Germany, he and his cute wife Emily came to stay for a day on their tour of Europe. That was the first time I had met her. I had no idea what a gem Joe had found until I started reading her blog. Of course I liked her when I met her, but now I wish she lived around the corner from me. And of course Joe would be there too. Because of Joe's work and school schedule, he isn't able to post very often. But Emily just had a cute baby and is on maternity leave. She has a ton of time (albeit at 4am) to be on the computer. She takes amazing photos, and is just a very crafty person. Joe loves loves soccer (or foot as we started calling it in France) and loves so many different kinds of music. At one time he had his head shaved into a checkerboard pattern dyed blue with a mohawk going down the middle. He has now regular hair and works his tail off at his schooling and his work. Go and visit Joe and Emily. I love you two!!


nikko said...

I haven't been commenting, but have been reading. Good luck on the rest of your move and your Christmas shopping! Can't wait to hear all about North Carolina. :o)

Jen said...

I think everyone is just super busy with the holidays. Today is the first time I've been able to catch up my feed reader in a very long time.



It's just me... said...

Jen is right - the holidays are sucking my extra energy.

I have LOVED the updates from the road when you've had a chance to call!

And I LOVE Emily and Joe and I don't even know them! Their blogs are so much fun to read, so visually stimulating, and down to earth! Thanks for introblogging me to them!

Terina said...

you know, i don't know how many comments i have left either. i've been pretty focused on our moving drama. glad to know there are people out there reading....

Chelsea said...

We have a Panera right across the street from our neighborhood. I love their soups. Their paninis are really good too.