Friday, May 29, 2009

Sometimes, you don't want to be right

Because right now, I am right. I WAS right. And it really sucks that I was. My husband just got an emotional kick in the crotch (forgive the visual, but really, can't think of any other way to describe it) and he is pretending like it doesn't hurt. At least not that much, and is keeping it all to himself. I'm giving him his space and told him I won't talk to him about it until after church on Sunday. Hopefully I can stick to that. I almost said something last night, but with much effort, refrained. I wrote about 4 pages in my journal last night. There will be more added tonight I'm sure.

Years ago, like around 5 or so, I said that if we didn't do this thing, that it would come back and bite us in the rear. He assured me that we didn't have to do that thing, and things would be fine. Over and over again. I stopped saying it. In fact, I almost forgot about it. And yet, here we are. I hurt for him. I don't hurt at all for myself. Or for my kids. What kicked my husband, only touched me a little. And doesn't even touch the kids.

I haven't said the words "I told you so" at all. Not helpful. My concern right now is helping him deal with this. Sigh. Really, being right is not always good.


Justhfacts said...

Do not worry too much about being “right” that perception is just an illusion you have created to try and justify your selfish actions. You in fact have never been so wrong nor have you ever wrong someone more.

Enjoy your perceived triumph and feelings of power you gain form this outcome while you can. When studying the history of human behavior we see how those who put them self’s first, disregarding what is right for selfish reason and gain, fall very hard in the end.

Shelly! said...

Oh no - does this blog have a troll? Nope.

Everyone, say hello to Terina's father-in-law.

I'd give more of an intro, but I think his comments will speak volumes for him.

Pure Awesome said...


First and foremost what the in the wild world of sports is an hfact? It must refer to the history of human behavior that you are studying; which you must be dedicating so much time to and severely neglecting the history of the written word (and by that I mean grammar, spelling, and punctuation). To be honest I must admit I find it perplexing that you could create such an impressive secret identity here on blogger, though your prose prowess may have prepared you well for the word verification step of your profile set up. I, myself, had to spell dongerceli 3 times to get it.

Enough about me, please bring us more hfacts, encore! encore!