Thursday, May 7, 2009

I don't think I have ever been this lazy

We've been in this house for a week now.

We have no access to any TV other than on the internet.

We barely have internet as we are using any unsecured network we can get our dirty little wireless connections on.

I find little motivation to do anything in this house, although I have done the dishes a few times. You know, put the paper ones in the trash and wash the plastic forks and spoons in the spirit of reusing things.

I already have my mothers day gift. Which was.....wait for it......something so very is a.........small vacuum that will allow me to vacuum our carpeted stairs. Awesome. And really, it is. Because the vacuum that will arrive soon (hopefully) is way too huge to use on stairs. I've fallen down stairs with a vacuum. It was not pretty.

I think I'm reveling in the laziness. Because as soon as our household goods arrive, all laziness must be gone gone. There will be boxes to unpack, rooms to organize, and things to hang. I don't think I've ever had so much time to think about where to put things. I guess more than about five minutes would be a lot since that is usually how much time I have once we've gotten the place and the time we get our stuff.

I've had a few people, mostly not on this blog, ask for pictures. Those will come when furniture is in and things are put away. Because a big empty room with a TV on the ground, and bedrooms with only a mattress on the ground really aren't interesting.

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Emily S. said...

ooh, revel away, girl! Why not??? It is so rare that we DON'T have a cloud of guilt hovering and threatening at all times.

And yay for little vaccuums! They sound SO unromantic as a gift, but I ADORE mine. :)