Saturday, May 2, 2009


(This is for Sunday Scribblings)

What do I have to confess this week?

~I really am not excited to live where we are currently living. I think I like my house, especially my kitchen. But this area? No. I'm worried about my state of mind during the winter. And if I will make it through without antidepressants. (seriously, I'm not joking at all)

~I hate video games. Really really hate them. The Wii isn't near as bad because you're not just sitting on your butt the whole time. And the Wii Fit is a little fun. But I really really hate the games where you're just fighting people and killing and shooting and people are yelling obscenities in different languages. Which be it 007, Call of Duty, Halo.....they're all the same dumb game. And don't give me that crap about hand eye coordination. You can get that by so many other ways.

~I love wearing tall shoes. I love love it. I'm almost 6' 4" when I do it, but i don't care. I love how I feel in them. And it's kind of exciting that I am a little intimidating when I wear them. Of course that's gone once they see me in jeans and flats.

~I am thinking about buying a label maker. Just to see if it can help me (and the rest of my family) to be more organized in this house.

Those are kind of lame confessions, but I just don't have much to confess.


Stacey said...

I love that you still wear tall shoes!! Yes, winters are a struggle there, but it is so green! Where are you living exactly?

Tumblewords: said...

Good confessions and nice that these are the only ones you have! I don't wear tall shoes anymore but loved it when I did!

paisley said...

i should have such lame confessions... if that is all you have to confess you are a lucky woman......

Dee Martin said...

I am 5'10" and loved wearing tall shoes. I confess that now I have ugly feet with arthritis so I am incredibly jealous that you can wear them :)

Hang in there wherever you are - Spring well on it's way and hopefully sunshine will get you through :)

floreta said...

i hate those types of games too. i don't really like gamers..

but i do love some RPG games! those are different than shooter games :P