Saturday, May 9, 2009


This post is for this weeks Sunday Scribblings.

Sometimes you think you've healed, when all you've really done is put it in a box and hidden it away. You don't touch it, you feel healed. But. Then something unexpected makes that box burst open and you feel as raw as when you first had that horrible experience. And you're confused, because you thought you were done with that whole thing.

So, you try and heal again. But the only way to do it is to confront it, to keep it out of that box. And you need to pray. Pray for the help you need to heal. And after you've worked at it for a while, you just might heal. Would that our emotions healed as well as our bodies.


linda may said...

You are right.

AD said...

i so think you are on target!
and i cant find a single way to not agree with you.
i am yet achin and everyday i wish for it to go away!

Happy SS

floreta said...

ive experienced this before too. its sometimes hard to tell the source of the emotions when it happens but once you figure it out you're still left confused..

Mary Alice said...

so true.

Heidi said...

The same goes for housecleaning, especially laundry...hiding stuff away doesn't equal clean. You gotta face it. This must be some universal law of the universe that cannot be escaped. Good post.

A Girl Named Me said...

The places that were once injured don't heal completely. There seems to always be a bit of a tender spot.


gautami tripathy said...

Healing comes only when you lt it.

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Tumblewords: said...

Good post - hidden isn't healed... nice reminder!

Dee Martin said...

You think you know what grief is. You think that it is a thing that you go through - like the flu. It has a beginning, you are overtaken by it for awhile, and then you slowly get back to normal. But there is no normal after grief and it comes and goes at unexpected times. You want to get over it but you don't know how and even when you think maybe you have it sneaks up from behind and knocks you on your backside again. It just seems that maybe it visits less often after awhile. An unwelcome guest that won't ever tell you when it will leave..