Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mayo and Walmart

This past week, we went to the local KFC for dinner. It is a KFC/Taco Bell, and I was the only one that got anything from the KFC part. I also don't like mayonnaise. And I try really hard to remember to always ask if there is any on the sandwich, and then if there is for NO mayo. None.

I asked the girl at the register, and she didn't know. She asked one of the girls working there if there was any mayonnaise on the sandwich I ordered. I had already said that I didn't want any on the sandwich. She was told that there was pepper mayo on it. So, she looked at me and said no there wasn't any mayonnaise, there was pepper mayo on it. Hmm. She was serious. I said, again, no mayonnaise please. Sigh.

I was also hit on last weekend at Walmart. Which in and of itself is kind of funny. But his pick up line was "are you a dancer?" Are you kidding? Uh, no. And no, I'm not 24. And dude you are at least 45 and why the heck are you trying to pick up on someone in Walmart??? Needless to say, since he was behind me in line, I almost ran to my car.

And does any one else perpetually stare at their feet after they get a pedicure?

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Jen said...

Oh my gosh. Sad about the mayo girl.