Saturday, May 30, 2009

My thoughts this evening

I've been noticing something odd when I go to Walmart. As I'm pushing my cart around the store, my hands keep getting an electric shock. At first, I thought I was just putting too much pressure on my hands as I was pushing it. But then it kept coming. It really hurts. I asked the cashier as I was checking out if it was normal for people to get electric shocks from the carts. She said only a few people get shocked. Great. But then she said to choose the carts with the blue handles, because they don't do that. Hope I can find a blue handled cart the next time I have to go.

We've had beautiful weather lately. Every morning I wonder if that's the day the clouds are going to come back. So far, so good.

Our stuff arrives on Monday. My back will be so excited to have our mattress and our couches back. And so will my bum. The stools we have up to our island really hurt to sit on them. We spent time cleaning up the house and getting stuff ready for our stuff. I still need to borrow a vacuum so that I can vacuum the whole house.

I haven't exercised all week, and I feel really mushy. I found out about a local women's gym, that has child care. Kind of excited about that!! Sadly, I can't find their information online so that I can call them. So odd. I'm going to see if they have a trial period where I don't have to commit to the whole year. A lot of women at church go there, so I will have a few workout friends, and hopefully the kids will have friends in the child care.

Found a fantastic park about 15 minutes away. Our little town has a few parks, but most of them are just sad parks. This one I found is in the next city over, and it has a huge pond right next to it, a dog park, and a ton of grass and you almost feel like you're in the forest. It was great, and even though it's a little bit of a drive, it's worth it.

I'm getting excited to cook in my own kitchen with my own kitchen things. It's been five months since I've been able to really cook like I want. Or bake. Gosh, I'll be baking for a whole month. And this is always the time where I almost enjoy making dinners.

Things are getting back to normal.


Shelly! said...

I'm glad to hear some excitement.

Jen said...

Weird about the carts. I hate when people don't have their business information online!