Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just give me a minute to whine please

We are in our house. Granted, we have no furniture to put in it yet because our stuff was still in NC. We're surviving.

The shower in our bathroom is a shower stall. With clear glass on two sides. The clear glass bothers me a little (there is a mirror directly across from the shower. which I forget about and sometimes am a little surprised to see me looking back at me) but what bothers me the most is that it is a stall. I HATE shower stalls. Shaving legs becomes not just a necessity, but a skill. How best to position the water? Is there even a small ledge on which to prop my foot so that I'm not standing on my head trying to shave? How to position myself so that all the expensive but awesome and amazing shave creme doesn't completely run off my leg before I get to it???? So aggravating. We've had shower stalls before, in our second apartment in Germany, and our house in NC. Never liked them, and will never like them. Unless someone out there gets a few brains and makes them a little more shaving friendly.

Alright. Feeling a little better.

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