Friday, May 22, 2009

The cost of not having furniture

We've been in our house now for about 3 weeks. We still do not have our household goods. Some very nice friends let us borrow things to sleep on.

I think sleeping on an air mattress for three weeks is getting to me. I have slept on my back before, but never woken up in so much pain. And I didn't even sleep on my back the whole night. Today, walking is painful. Getting up or down is painful. We've iced my back, and I took an Ibuprofen. We'll see when the pain goes. I can't even reach down into the fridge and get the milk out. And I was going to go walking with a group at church this morning. Yeah, that didn't happen. Kind of irritated because the sun is out, not a lot of clouds, it's a BEAUTIFUL day. And my back hurts. And UPS hasn't come with our new lawnmower. And with my back like it is, I can't use it anyway. Darn, Matt will have to mow the lawn.:)

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