Saturday, March 28, 2009

A little glimpse of why I will never sew. And why I couldn't exercise this week.

This last week my moms sister has been visiting. On a normal day, my mom is on the phone with her a lot. (she lives in Utah) They keep their phones on speaker and just sew. And sometimes they talk. And she has been here since a week ago Friday. While normally her visiting doesn't bother me (even though she and my mom are more alike than they realize which can be a little overwhelming) this week was a little rough. Because not only do they sew, but they quilt. And quilting takes up a lot of room. My mom should know. She has two rooms that she sews in. Two. And boy are they packed with all kinds of sewing things. Fabric, buttons, thread, multiple sewing machines, embroidery machines, a serger, a machine that is made mostly to quilt the quilt, a cutting table (which ironically has so much crap on it in little baskets and whatever that if she were to cut out something any larger than the quilt blocks she makes, she would have to clean it off), a TV in each room......sigh. This week, the quilting exited those two rooms and went into the living room. Each of them had laid out a quilt top on the floor. It is a fairly large room, so there was room for both of them. But it was hard walking out the back door. And. I couldn't exercise. The quilt top was there from Tuesday afternoon sometime to probably late last night as it is not there this morning. So. No taebo for me. I haven't been able to exercise in the last almost three, four weeks because of so many different things. Luckily, the quilt top is gone, and I'm hoping to break out Billy Blanks Monday morning. Because nothing gets all your frustration and anxiety out better than punching and kicking. And I feel full of frustration and anxiety. Probably because of my lack of exercise. Hopefully this new week coming up will be free of a lot of what I've been feeling. That, and a visit to my therapist always helps.:)


Amanda said...

This is so me and my sister when she comes in town. No kids in the family room, or kitchen table, or counter, or anything in between cause there is a huge quilt project all over the floor. Meals suffer cause the kitchen counter is where the cutting board is-and I'm too busy to cook.

I'm old. I never thought I'd be relating myself to you mother.

I hope that you can have freedom soon! I know you need it.

Stephanie said...

Step outside, lady!!!