Monday, March 23, 2009


It looks like I might have to sit out this season of DWTS. I know, so sad and disappointing. Part of the problem is the website. I went there a few times last week to watch last weeks episodes. And the website froze on me. I'm able to watch other things on other websites, so I'm thinking it's their website. Second, my parents do not own a DVR. And probably never will. So, no recording the shows and watching them when I am able. And while we do have a few TV's in the house here (in fact, there is one upstairs that I could probably watch it on) I'm usually putting the kids to bed right when it starts. So. Unless their website start to work again, or magically my kids go to bed and stay in bed and don't need me to lay with them, it looks like I will be missing out. I don't even know who was eliminated last week. How sad is that. I could go look it up, but I just seem to be busy with other things. I'll just have to wait for next season when I'll have a DVR again and hopefully a husband.

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Chelsea said...

You could kick it old-school and VCR it. I'm sitting this season out too though, I just don't have time for another show. So sad.