Saturday, March 7, 2009

Down time

We got back around midnight last night from attending the funeral of this woman. She was my dads cousins daughter, so I think that makes her my third cousin. How do I actually know my third cousin? We have family reunions every year, and the people invited are all the descendants of my grandpa and all of his brothers and sisters. His oldest sister is almost 100, if she manages to make it to August. I've known her all my life. Whenever we all get together, it becomes a party. With lots of food, talking, and pictures being taken. At her funeral, all her daughters were wearing yellow, as were her granddaughters. They had her favorite chocolate sitting in a holder for all of us to take one. We stayed at the church until they pretty much kicked us out, and then we went to their house for more black bottomed cupcakes and partying. We didn't get back to our hotel until after 10. All of my dads brothers and sisters were there, except for one, and we all went to the Jelly Belly Factory before we all left. That is what I've been doing for the last few days. And early this morning, my parents left to go to my sisters. So I am excited to have today and tomorrow to decompress, to just let my kids play and just be. Sometimes it's nice to be alone.

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