Friday, March 13, 2009

This is what happens when I stop watching TV

Somehow I had no idea that Dancing with the Stars started this week. Honestly, I haven't watched real TV (other than PBSKids with Lucy in the mornings sometimes) for at least a month, probably more. And I don't feel like I'm missing anything. But then, my mom mentioned something about DWTS, and I was a little surprised. I just finished watching Monday and Tuesdays shows. Not too bad, and the girls that stepped in at the last minute did fairly well. Not sure who I will be rooting for. I really like Shawn Johnson. But not quite sure which of the guys I want to win. Poor Ty Murray. He tried. Anyway, just in case YOU didn't know (like I didn't) that it has started again, it has. Just in time, because Burn Notice just ended. And thank goodness there aren't any Cloris Leachmans this time around. I wonder how hard it is to get tickets to go to the filming? I'm not that far away........anyone else want to come?

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Piouette said...

Help! What channel is DWTS? I hope it's a regular channel you can catch with rabbit ears, 'cuz I don't have cable. I'm not from the dark ages, promise, just don't have time to park myself and watch the boob tube too much, so why pay for it? I just watch DVDs movies after all are in bed. But Céleste & I watched a ballroom movie this week "Strictly ballroom" and she can't get enough of the pretty stuff and the dancing too. Her brothers are her new guinea pigs. Nathan would do a nice job if he wouldn't be so dorky (on purpose).