Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green eyed monster

As you can see on my sidebar, I read lots of different kinds of blogs. From religious ones to decorating to family to......you get it. And I usually enjoy all of them.

Today I clicked on one of the links, and I saw this. And I thought Who the heck has the time and the money to do something like this??????? I get being creative. And wanting to do something different. But. People. This is a three year old. Who does this for a three year old? I mean, in the real world. I guess I kind of feel like this for anyone under the age of about 6 or 8. I mean, who cares? All that time and money for what??? It is so so cute. It is very creative and thoughtful. The party will probably be fantastic. I mean, if they are spending this kind of money on just the invitations, I'm sure the food will be fabulous as will the decorations. And maybe in their world this is a normal thing to do. But. How realistic is this? That three year old little boy is barely going to remember that party. Isn't going to remember the food. He might remember the cake. He probably won't even remember the people that came.

While the person that had these invitations made is able to spend that money on them, and of course has every right to do it, it just makes me think. Mostly about my priorities. Because sometimes I want to be the person that sends this kind of an invitation. I want to be that person that has things that no one else does. I want to be thoughtful, creative, and all those things. And sometimes I find myself a little jealous of those that can do things like this. Which is just so wrong. Because really, who cares if someone wants to send little boats or yoyo's or whatever as birthday invitations. How does that affect me? It doesn't unless I let it. Maybe someday I will be able to do something like this. But for now, I just need to Stop. Stop being jealous. Stop comparing yourself to this person. Stop even just caring that someone did it. Appreciate it for what it is and move on.

I find myself doing this unconsciously many times. And I hate it. I hate that it starts without me even knowing it. I hate that I even care about it. So now it is a conscious thing. I have to stop myself from keeping that cycle going. I've succeeded a few times. But I haven't conquered the beast yet.


Shelly! said...

I think it is quite common for one person to compare themselves to another - and struggle with the difference. In fact I think that is what is hard about the SAHM world. Some of us put priorities in one place and some of us put priorities in another, but we easily forget that and end up comparing ourselves to each other. In a not healthy way.

I think it does become a beast - I compare myself to people all the time and it drives me crazy. I have to remind myself that I am doing the things I want, the way I want, and setting my own priorities. I can never know the situation that someone else is in that allows them to do the things I am jealous of. Maybe they sacrifice something else, some place else, to make that time.

The reality is that if she (or he) wanted to do this for their kid - regardless of the age - that's their choice.

If you find yourself being jealous of it, then maybe there are things that you want to do that you are not doing. I'm not talking about this little boat, but in general. Maybe there are things you find yourself neglecting and need to turn some attention to.

Heidi said...

Good comment, Shell. I couldn't have said it any better...although a jealous little part of me wishes I could! ;-) (kidding) I think this is a major hangup for most women. The funny thing is, if the boat-invitation-making lady knew you I'm sure she'd find things about you to be jealous of too!

Rachel said...

You have nothing to be jealous of... It's not really that practical of an idea. It's more of a one-hit wonder! I'm sure once you get back to being yourself and your family you could think of something to top that - should you so choose! I'm sure she has issues that she tries to hide with great parties for her kid... :)