Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This was my day

Today just plain sucked. It just did. And I will tell you why.

~Today was our last day with Matt. I just got back a little while ago from dropping him off at the airport.

~We had to go to his dad's house. Which was so weird. His dad's behavior is very strange, and today was the strangest of all. He also sent Matt the worst email a father could send his son. I'm thinking of posting. Mostly because it is almost too funny not to share. And then it's just sad that his dad would even write such a thing.

~On the way to Ross to get Matt some pants that weren't falling off of him, I called my high school French teacher. Last week, she had said she would take me out to dinner this week to thank me for my help. We are going to a funeral, and we will be gone two days, so I was calling to ask her if we could do it next week. That's when she told me about this. People, I am sick. The man that was shot to death is her husbands brother. And not just that, I know him. I went to high school with him.

On top of all of these things, I already have my own issues that I've been dealing with. I would love to wake up tomorrow and not be able to remember any of this crap. Only the good things. Like when I came upstairs and saw that Matt was playing rock paper scissors with Andrew and they were both laughing like crazy. Or when the kids were trying to tickle their dad. Or the 20 minutes Matt and I had sitting at an almost empty In-n-out while he ate a cheeseburger animal style and I dipped my french fries into my strawberry shake.

Tomorrow will be spent taking Lucy to dance, dropping off and picking up Andrew from school, getting ready to go up north for a funeral (my dads cousin passed away last week. she had been in hospice, and while her situation really sucked too, we have known this was going to happen for a few weeks), and doing everything humanly possible to keep from calling up my father in law and ripping him a new one. My goal is to be done with my anger before Sunday. Hopefully I can manage that one.

Tomorrow has to be better.


Piouette said...

Sorry about all this crappy and really ugly stuff when Matt's leaving. "Tomorrow's another day" indeed. When do you want to escape and come visit? 4.5 hours tops.

Mary Alice said...

I have decided that old dogs can't learn new tricks. Live your own best life...and father-in-law and stay in his.