Thursday, March 12, 2009

Footwear gone wrong

I noticed something when we were living in Germany. A lot of the teen girls would wear boots with their jeans, and stuff their jeans inside of them. And I kind of understood the need for boots because it got pretty cold where we lived, and it snowed. Even on the Fourth of July one year we were all wearing sweaters and pants outside. Not exactly a warm place.

I don't think I saw that trend too much in Texas. At least not that I could remember. But in North Carolina I saw it fairly frequently. And I'm seeing it here too. Which I just don't get. It doesn't get cold enough to need to wear boots. And they are usually these huge, ugly, Ugg type boots that have no shape whatsoever. And they don't look good. If it were snowing, windy, wet and cold, I would get it. But it's mild weather, infrequent rain, and it sure doesn't snow here. There is a mom at Lucy's dance class that always wears these ugly brown clunky boots, with these tassel things on them and they kind of look like they could be Uggs, jeans tucked into them, carrying a Starbucks something in her hand, and it has NEVER been raining. Not even a little cold.

I'm all for comfort. But I'm sure there are other shoes out there that are just as comfortable and warm as those horrid boots.

I know, why do I care? Oh, I don't really. But I'm a bit of a people watcher. And I notice things. Especially peoples shoes. I just really like shoes.


Shelly! said...

Personally, I've never understood Uggs. But this is coming from a girl who would wear flip-flips with every single outfit if I could.

And saying that you really like shoes is a MAJOR understatement.

Piouette said...

Uggs rhymes with Yew!

Piouette said...

I meant Ugh!